All in Little White Lies

Sundance and Emmy award-winning filmmaker/photographer, Lauren Greenfield, has spent the last 25 years documenting the impact of consumerism on youth, gender, body image and our wider social mores. Deepening and developing the themes she first began exploring in Thin and Queen Of Versailles, her latest feature Generation Wealth examines extremes of wealth and addiction through a series of intimate portraits filmed around the world. From disgraced Wall St financiers to Chinese etiquette coaches, Russian trophy wives to LA teenagers every inch the adult, Generation Wealth is a rigorous historical essay, entertaining expose and deeply personal journey which bears witness to the human cost of capitalism.

27th July 2017 marks 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act was passed in England and Wales. One of the first major legislative victories for LGBT activists, the bill decriminalised same-sex acts between men in private. To mark the occasion we asked some of our favourite film-makers, directors and curators to select an LGBT film that they consider essential viewing. Enjoy.